Thursday, 7 March 2013

Claire Quinn Prestwick - Pharmacology Major

Claire Quinn Prestwick is someone who really truly cares about other human beings. Claire Quinn Prestwick is also somebody who pays extremely close attention to detail. Taking these two traits into consideration, it is no wonder that Claire Quinn Prestwick decided to study medicine while attending the acclaimed Glasgow University. Claire Quinn Prestwick decided to study medicine because she is a very hard worker, pays amazingly close attention to detail and really truly enjoys taking care of other people. Taking care of other people is something that Claire Quinn Prestwick thoroughly enjoys. In addition to earning her pharmacology degree in an effort to make sure other people receive not only the correct medication, but also the correct amount of medication. If a patient was to receive the wrong medication, or even the wrong amount of medication, the consequences could be extremely unfortunate.

Claire Quinn Prestwick spent her college years at the acclaimed and wonderful Glasgow University, which is located in the city of Glasgow, which is a fairly large city in Scotland. Glasgow has a population of roughly 600,000 people. Claire Quinn Prestwick truly loves the size and location of Glasgow, which are just some of the reasons that Claire Quinn Prestwick decided to attend Glasgow University. Claire Quinn Prestwick is now a successful pharmacist and someone who takes care of people around her each and every single day. Claire Quinn Prestwick will continue to further her knowledge of pharmacology in an effort to better help people for many years to come.

“Earning my pharmacology degree was one of the best decisions of my entire life and I absolutely love the fact that I can take care of people for my profession,” says Claire Quinn Prestwick. Claire Quinn Prestwick would recommend earning a degree in pharmacology to anyone who pays close attention to detail and also loves helping people.

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