Thursday, 28 March 2013

Studying Pharmacology - Claire Quinn Prestwick

When choosing a field of study to learn about in college, it is very important to pick an area of study that you are interested in. If you pick an area of study that you are interested in and thoroughly enjoy learning about, you will have a much more successful college or university experience. It did not take long for Claire Quinn Prestwick to figure out what area she wanted to study in. Claire Quinn Prestwick is someone who absolutely loves helping people. Claire Quinn Prestwick has cared for those people who are around her for her entire life. Claire Quinn Prestwick even places a gigantic emphasis on the caring for and helping of other people. Claire Quinn Prestwick cares about other people so much that Claire Quinn Prestwick regularly volunteers her time to help out with many different charities and not for profit organizations that are located throughout the great city of Glasgow, which is located in Scotland.

Claire Quinn Prestwick is a person that pays extremely close attention to detail, which is just one of the many great reasons that Claire Quinn Prestwick decided to study in the area of medicine. Claire Quinn Prestwick knew that one day she wanted to become a doctor, nurse or a pharmacist. Eventually, Claire Quinn Prestwick made the ever-important decision to focus her studies in the area of pharmacology. Studying pharmacology is one of the best decisions that Claire Quinn Prestwick has ever made. Currently, Claire Quinn Prestwick is a successful pharmacist. “Even though studying pharmacy and earning my pharmacology degree did not come easy, and required a lot of extremely hard work, I could not be happier with my decision to earn my degree in the area of pharmacology,” says Claire Quinn Prestwick. Claire Quinn Prestwick recommends studying pharmacology to anyone who loves to help out other people.

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